This Video Shows Why You Never Park Next to a Fire Hydrant

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CNN investigated viral photos of a car with its windows broken and a huge fire hose threaded through it. The driver made a big mistake of parking directly in front of a fire hydrant!

The Merced Fire Department snapped the famous photos, and they say that it was extremely important to break those windows. If the fire hose has a kink in it, not enough water can flow through. It just so happened that the house directly across from the blocked hydrant was on fire. (Incidentally, it was also a marijuana grow house.)

It’s rare that fire departments have to break car window to fit a hose through, but when it does happen, everyone seems to sympathize more with the firefighters than the driver. In the CNN video, many people shook their heads at the driver’s faux pas. And make no mistake, the towel seen on the passenger-side window isn’t to protect the car, it was to protect the hose!

Though it might be tempting to park in an open spot next to a fire hydrant, taking a look at these embarrassing photos will wipe that idea from any driver’s head.