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Video of Woman Casually Walking Down Freeway in Houston on the Phone Goes Viral

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“Get off the freeway!” a man yells at a woman on her cell phone nonchalantly walking against traffic in the middle of I-45 this week in Houston. She looks back briefly and continues on her way. Video of the incident was uploaded to Facebook by Jefe De Jefes, and now it’s going viral.

People are speculating that perhaps the woman was stranded on the highway by someone making her get out of their car or due to her own car breaking down. Though those situations could increase one’s adrenaline enough to do something out of character, it doesn’t really explain why she was casually walking down the middle of the freeway. Other people have cited mental illness or the influence of drugs, but everything is speculation at this point.

“(I’m) not surprised at all. Everything happens in Houston, the man who recorded the video, Juan Coronado, told Click2Houston.com. Houston does have its fair share of odd road drama, in fact, earlier in the week, a man was spotted walking along the ledge of the 610 Loop like a balance beam.

At this time, there has been no official comment from the Houston Police Department regarding the mysterious woman who was no longer on the road when they arrived at the scene.