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What’s the Best Thing About the Day After Christmas?

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While most people relish Christmas morning, the traditions leading right up to the day, and all the joy of sharing the day with family and loved ones, some of us equally enjoy those frenzied days after the big day. Why? Because all the items that retailers lorded over us at top dollar are now slashed to 50% percent off or more. We might consider a tradition of celebrating Christmas a week later to stock up on gifts after the prices drop. It is better than Black Friday in many cases. There are two main things this writer loves to do after Christmas.

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The first is to hit up local retailers the day after. Think, Target, Wal-Mart, Bed Bath and Beyond. Really, any of the big box stores are looking to unload merchandise to change for the new season. What should you be on the look-out for? Anything seasonal will be drastically reduced. This is the time to shop for any wrapping paper or bows you might need for next year. Buy it now while it’s half the price or less. The first couple of days after Christmas day, 50% is typical. After that, what is left is typically reduced even further. This is also the time to buy any yard decorations, Christmas trees, or outdoor lights. Why spend more than you have to? Also, don’t forget your furry family members. Places like Petsmart are eager to unload seasonal pet treats at discounted prices.

Once you’ve stocked up on seasonal merchandise, check out if there are any deals on clothes or home goods you might have been eyeing while shopping for others. There likely will be. Tanger Outlets in San Marcos was hosting a phenomenal sale in most of their stores. Prices reduced beyond their already outlet mall prices. If you don’t mind crowds and searching for parking, it’s worth the drive.

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