YMCA Camp Cullen Gives Houston Youth a One-in-a-Million Experience

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Approximately two hours out of Houston, Texas, kids get to spend their summer camp time at the bottom of a rock quarry at Camp Cullen in Trinity. Although some may not think this is a phenomenal way to camp, grow, and learn, a YMCA group of Houston youth got to experience new fossils and petrified wood they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to see.

YMCA Camp Cullen Gives Houston Youth a One-In-A-Million Experience

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In an interview with ABC 13, Mark Leonard of the Greater Houston YMCA explained, “A lot of these kids’ parents work in the oil industry, and it’s nice to know how that related to what they do. It’s hard to see what’s underfoot in Houston. It’s hard to see an actual rock sticking out of the ground.” Built in the 1800s to support the need for rock in railroad construction, the quarry is now an educational experience that gives campers the opportunity to dig into million-year old rocks and sediment.

YMCA Camp Cullen Gives Houston Youth a One-In-A-Million Experience

Photo: Facebook/YMCA Camp Cullen

Youth that participate at Camp Cullen range in ages between seven and 17 years, and are almost completely from the Houston area. Many of the rocks they collect on site are from eras they wouldn’t normally have access to, much less see on a student dig, and the experience allows for them to enjoy a side of Texas they may not otherwise be able to. About the camp, Leonard added: “You get to be one with nature and the rock quarry, which is a beautiful sight to see.”