Yum and Fun: 5 Ridiculously Cute Treat Ideas

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There is something about cooler weather that lends itself to cooking and creativity! While almost everyone loves a sweet treat, there is something extra special about a snack that is pleasing to the eye as well as the palate. Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram have taken creative cooking to the extreme, with photos of outrageous and artistic cookies and cakes popping up in newsfeeds daily. While some recipes take a bit more expertise to execute, these five ideas are exceptionally adorable, and won’t set you up for a fail.

1. Hugging Teddy Bear Cookies


Photo: YouTube/MosoGourmet

These adorable cookies were all over social media last year, because, well, who doesn’t love an adorable teddy bear!? Originally created by Japanese cook Maa Tamagosan, it was greatly debated whether these cookies were simply “too cute” to eat. MosoGourmet uploaded this video tutorial, with an English version of the recipe in the description.

2. Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups

hot chocolate cookies treat

Photo: Pinterest/The Gunny Sack

Food and lifestyle website The Gunny Sack provided this cute idea for cookies that look like little cups of hot chocolate. With just a muffin tin, a few ingredients, and some creativity, anyone can make these adorable and delicious treats. The recipe can easily be changed up to accomodate different holidays and occasions. Try green food coloring and caramel for St. Patrick’s Day mugs, or chocolate dough with candy cane handles for Christmas.

3. Peanut Butter Turtle Cookies

turtle cookies

Photo: Instagram/elleventy

Instagram user elleventy posted a picture of this simple idea that ups the cute factor of classic drop cookies. Using your favorite peanut butter cookie dough recipe, add a head and four legs to make these tiny turtles. For an even cuter result, add some green food coloring to your favorite sugar cookie recipe for a sea turtle vibe – great for a beach or under-the-sea theme party!

4. Funfetti Whoopie Pies

funfetti whoopie pies
Photo: Pinterest/Fun-Squared

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