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10 Lesser-Known (But Just as Interesting) Hill Country Destinations You Must Visit

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5. Enchanted Springs Ranch, Boerne

Enchanted Springs Ranch

Photo: Facebook/EnchantedSpringsRanch

Part Hollywood movie set, part animal farm, and part historic recreation, the Enchanted Springs Ranch offers a true Texas experience!

6. Buchanan Dam, Between Burnet and Llano

Buchanan Dam

Photo: Flickr/TrishZatx

Buchanan Dam’s hydro-electric dam itself is a marvel of 1930’s technology and is still the longest multiple-arch dam in America (over two miles long).

7. Hill Country Beer Breweries, New Braunfels, Fredericksburg, Blanco


Photo: Facebook/RealAleBrewing

The Hill Country may be famous for its wine industry but beer breweries are popping up all over, appeasing the taste buds of folks who enjoy their grains with a side of hops or malt. Visit such breweries as New Braunfels Brewing Company, Altstadt Brewery in Fredericksburg or the Real Ale Brewing Company in Blanco just to get started on your Hill Country beer tour.

8. Fossil Hunting in the Texas Hill Country

Fossil hunting

Photo: Flickr/Robert Nunnally

Believe it or not, the Texas Hill Country looked very different millions of years ago. Many areas were under the ocean and those that weren’t under water were populated with dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. Thanks, in large part to the limestone that’s so prevalent in this area, fossils are fairly easy to find–even for a novice. Places like Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose (though, not in the Hill Country) offer visitors a chance to (literally) walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs and do some serious fossil hunting.

9. The Hunt Store, Hunt

The Hunt Store

Photo: Facebook/thehuntstore

Grab a drink, nosh on some tasty food and catch some live music–all in the sleepy community of Hunt, Texas. The Hunt Store started in 1946 as a grocery store and has grown into the hub of the Hunt community and a place to get a true taste of what living in the Texas Hill Country is all about.

10. Cascade Caverns, Boerne

Cascade Caverns
Photo: Facebook/Cascadecavernstx