10 Texas Drinking Songs to Get Your Weekend Started

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Glass of amber colored whiskey spotlighted on wooden table

The Everclear Song (1998) – Roger Creager

Corpus Christi native Roger Creager’s ode to the ‘invisible intoxicant’ Everclear is an anthem for the ages. Even fellow Texas artist Josh Abbott Band pay homage to this classic drinking song in their song, ‘My Texas’. It’s easy to see why. Listening to Creager retell tales from his rebel youth reminds us all of the trouble a bit of booze can cause. And hey, who the hell needs that?

Last Call (2008) – Lee Ann Womack

Who among us hasn’t received a call from an ex at closing time? When Lee Ann Womack soulfully sings, “‘Baby, I still love you’ / Don’t mean nothing when there’s whiskey on your breath”, it’s like you’re the one listening to that voice mail on the other end of the line. Luckily, this Texas lady knows exactly when it’s time to just call this relationship done.

Turn That Crown Upside Down (2013) – Kyle Park

Ah, whiskey. The hard working man’s answer to another long day on the job. Leave it to the Hill Country’s own Kyle Park to make his mark with this upbeat tune about just wanting to unwind with a glass of his favorite golden elixir. From Johnny to Jim, and everything in between, you’re sure to forget all your troubles as long as you have some Maker’s by your side.

Sunday Morning Coming Down (1971) – Waylon Jennings

Johnny Cash’s recording of Sunday Morning Coming Down is, without a doubt, the most popular version of the song. But back in 1971, North Texas’ Waylon Jennings recorded South Texas’ Kris Kristofferson’s perennial hangover hymn, and it is simply perfect. Capturing that achy empty feeling of the morning-after is just what we need to hear to convince us that it’s okay to have that breakfast beer for dessert.