11 Notable Trees in the Texas Hill Country

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The Texas Hill Country is brimming with nature’s beauty all around. From rivers to rocks, hills to trees, the Hill Country contains a plentiful bounty of Mother Earth’s biggest treasures. In this article, we’ll focus on the great trees of the Texas Hill Country. There are so many!

1. Treaty Oak in Austin

Treaty Oak


A beauty located on Baylor Street in Austin, Texas is 500 years old.  This long-lasting tree, known as the Treaty Oak, is the remaining one from a group of 14 oaks known as the Council Oaks.

Development dictated the demise of the other 13 trees, and they were removed in 1927. The surviving grand dame was purchased in 1937 when the City of Austin managed to find $1,000 to purchase the site from the landowner—mostly to save the tree.

The tree endured a poison attempt, and the culprit spent nine years in prison for the deed. After much tender loving care, the tree eventually generated acorns and this majestic lady produced 1000 offspring.

2. The Kyle Auction Oak

Kyle Auction Oak


When the township of Kyle was formed some 23 miles south of downtown Austin, this tree provided the location for the sale of land lots in 1880. The tree is privately owned and maintained in the present day. Another famous tree lives near Kyle and earns the distinction of the Kyle Hanging Tree.

3. The Kyle Hanging Tree

Kyle Hanging Tree


As you visit the city of Kyle, go another 10 miles and check out this infamous tree. Cowboys found a dead man hanging from a branch and buried him close by. Who hung the man? Why did he meet his untimely death? The tree is the only one who can tell story, and the tree isn’t talking.

4. The Baptist Oak in Goliad

Baptist Oak historic marker
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