The 2017 Monarch Migration Has Been a Difficult One

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The distance that the monarchs travel during a migration is staggering. Monarchs travel some 3,000 miles between Canada and Mexico during a migration. Lucky for them, they’re expert flyers. They ride thermal waves all the way to Mexico and fly at speeds ranging between 15-25 mph. In fact, one tagged butterfly was recently reported on Journey North to have traveled 265 miles in one day. Recent flight study results also posted on Journey North revealed that a monarch with 140mg of fat to burn could fly for 44 hours when flapping, but 1,060 hours when soaring and gliding!

But, there’s good news coming out of Mexico! Journey North reported that on October 30, 2017, the monarchs arrived in El Cerrito, Angangueo, Michoacan, Mexico so researchers are hopeful that the migration (while difficult) will prove to be successful for these tenacious butterflies.

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