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3 Cool Texas Roadside Rarities You Need to See at Least Once in Your Lifetime

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Do you remember the Munsters T.V. show? Did you know that the home which is featured in the show has been replicated in Texas? And we know y’all know about the one very gigantic Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, but did you know about the version in Paris, Texas? And how about the existence of an enormous blue crustacean at Rockport Beach? As it turns out, Texas is loaded with one-of-a-kind rarities which plea to your love of kitschy and weird in an effort to get your curiosity up. Such is the case where roadside attractions are concerned. Entire books have been written on Texas’ roadside stops, features, and oddities, but here are the three aforementioned in further detail…in case you’re feeling nostalgic, French, or in the mood for seafood!

1. The Munster Mansion, Waxahachie

Really Cool Texas Roadside Rarities You Need To See At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Photo: Facebook/Dracula’s House of Halloween


Any fan of classic TV has more than likely watched or heard of The Munsters. It was a sitcom from the 60’s that followed the Munsters – a family of monsters living what they felt to be a normal, “American dream” type of life. Most notable was the Munster mansion, which was a Victorian-style home with all the trimmings. Well, in Waxahachie, that home has been meticulously recreated, complete with all the little touches including furnishings that were actual props in the show. Although it’s a private home, the owners oblige private tours of the Munster Mansion which can be arranged via their website.

2. The Eiffel Tower, Paris

Really Cool Texas Roadside Rarities You Need To See At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Photo: Facebook/John Darst

There’s no need for international travel to see the Eiffel Tower when you can take a road trip to Paris, Texas! Measuring 70 feet in height, the Texas version of this work of art from the City of Lights (a.k.a. la Ville Lumière) is approximately 10 times smaller than the original. And donning a red cowboy hat, no less, we believe it to be quite fashionably Texan. This replica sits outside of the Love Civic Center at 2025 Jefferson Road, where it can be viewed at almost any time.

3. Big Blue Crab, Rockport Beach

Really Cool Texas Roadside Rarities You Need To See At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Photo: Facebook/Rockport Beach

Looking like something from a movie Boris Karloff would have starred in, at first glance, this enormous blue crab outside of Rockport Beach may be a great opportunity to pose for that perfect Instagram fake-screaming picture. But before you do that, be cognizant of the fact that this is, in fact, the World’s Largest Blue Crab, and that the hulking behemoth has garnered a ton of respect in its lifetime! The Big Blue Crab measures 25 feet in width and welcomes visitors to the beach from four wooden pylons it rests on. Although visitors can be seen taking plenty of pictures with the beast, they don’t often ask that one obvious question: if it’s a male crab, why does it have red female claws?