3 Texas Towns Whose Unique Names Have Biblical Roots

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It is widely known that Texas is a diverse state. From urban settings to rural communities, the Lone Star State has it all, and along with differentiated populations comes uniques place names. Some city names are difficult to pronounce, such as those found in this Texas Hill Country article. Others were inspired by a variety of sources, including the Bible. Here, we have listed three Texas towns whose names have Biblical roots.

1. Joppa, Texas

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Located in Burnet County, the little community of Joppa boasted a population of just 34 in 2000. Originally dubbed Pool Branch, but according to the Handbook of Texas Online, residents chose to change the name once a post office was constructed. The community’s biblical counterpart played an important role in stories throughout both the Old and New Testaments. It was in this city that the apostle Peter raised a woman from the dead and received a vision regarding the salvation of the Gentiles. Today, it is known as Jaffa.

2. Joshua, Texas

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With a population of just over 4,500, the city of Joshua sits comfortably in the north-central portion of Johnson County. The city originated as a station built along the tracks of the Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe Railway. The station was first named Caddo Peak, but because that name was already in use, a different moniker had to be chosen. According to the Texas State Historical Association, a local doctor chose the name Joshua after the biblical character who was one of only two spies allowed to cross into the land God promised to the Israelites after they had wandered for 40 years. Additionally, the book of the Bible that carries this name documents the time Joshua spent as the leader of the Hebrew people.

3. Nazareth, Texas

Nazareth Texas-Texas Towns Whose Names Have Biblical Roots

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Located slightly less than 60 miles south of Amarillo, the small town of Nazareth has a rich religious history.  The TSHA notes the original founder of the townsite was a Catholic priest named Joseph Reisdorff, who named his fledgling community after the Biblical birthplace of Jesus Christ. The town, like many other agriculturally dependent communities, almost disappeared during the Dust Bowl. However, by the 1940s the population managed to bounce back.