3 Top Tips for Making the Perfect Texas-Style Chili

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While you’ve invariably learned over the years to select only the best meats to cook with when making Texas-style chili, these three tips will help you to master it. As far as comfort foods go, chili is a great big bowl of delicious, when it comes right down to it. This classic dish naturally combines a variety of textures and flavors which have become a staple in Texas kitchens for generations. As our official state food, a set of strict guidelines have been outlined with respect to what defines this dish. However, in the making of your own version, there are no rules. With a number of ingredients and options available for use, these three tips will help you create an amazing chili you’ll be eating seconds and thirds of!

1. Don’t be Afraid to Use Spice

Ensuring that you purchase and make use of great spices will make all the difference in this dish. It’s understandable if you’re pressed for time or you’re on a tight budget and therefore opt for pre-packaged and dried seasoning. However, if you can purchase spices which you can then grind yourself, it lends an unbelievably improved flavor to your chili. Remember, it’s far easier to slowly add spice to your preference than to work toward taking it away.

2. Make Use of Flavorful Liquid Ingredients

Homemade Organic Vegetarian Chili with Beans and Cheese

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As opposed to simply using water to make your chili broth, perhaps try the addition of Worcestershire sauce, beer, or red wine vinegar as a flavorful liquid ingredient. Each of these items helps to infuse new tastes and varying sweetness to the dish which helps to enhance this mixture. Also known to add tartness and a bit of acidity, the juice of freshly squeezed limes is a great addition to the recipe.

3. Tasty Chili Toppings are Integral

After the chili has been cooked, and you’ve filled up the serving bowls, the final touch is in the toppings. Tasty pairings of cheese, source cream, and onions work quite well. You can also use soda crackers, blue cheese, or Greek yogurt for those who aren’t necessarily into something super spicy. However, for all of the fans into something hot, the addition of Tabasco sauce or jalapeños have been known to go a long way toward improving the taste and making the perfect Texas-style chili.