3 Ways To Better Manage the Time You Spend on Social Media

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The lite version of this handy tool is completely free and allows you to track the time you spend on the worldwide web. However, RescueTime’s blocking feature only comes in its premium version which can be purchased for $9 per month. This app is available for computers and mobile devices

3. The Moment App


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To conclude this list of helpful tools, the Moment app includes many of the same features previously mentioned in descriptions for other apps. However, Moment does have a sub-entity labeled Moment Family, which enables you to control the browsing and usage habits of your entire family depending on what in-app purchases you decide to make. Its description notes this app is great for accountability purposes, as family members can track other’s goals and usage amounts.

Currently, Moment and Moment Family are only available for iPhones. However, you can sign-up to receive notifications when it is available for Androids as well.

In many ways, technology has made our lives much easier, but it is important to recognize the possible dangers of spending too much time glued to a screen. Hopefully, these three tools will help you increase your productivity and will free up time for you to do things you truly enjoy!

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