5 Celebrities That Aren’t From Texas, but Should be

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Maybe the greatest thing about Norris, he is now a Texan. Norris lives on a ranch, with his family, near Houston.

2. Pretty Much any of the Duck Dynasty Family

Photo: Facebook/Duck Dynasty on A&E

It’s true, the Robertsons have had their fair share of news and controversy, but what self-respecting, independent Texan hasn’t had their share of scrutiny? The fact is, their wit, charm, hard work, and family values all represent standard Texas dogma. The Duck Dynasty brand as a major hunting, apparel, and outdoors brand might be enough by itself.

Whether it’s Uncle Si’s no non-sense style, patriarch Phil’s simple guidance, Willie’s whit and charm, Jase’s or any of the family members, there is a character that would fit seamlessly in nearly every Texas setting. These guys hunt, fish, and possess little reservations when “going big.”

Forget about politics and public feuds, there is a great deal about the Robertsons that make an excellent Texas fit. This family appears to be the kind of people you would want to spend a Texas summer afternoon with or have along to grab a cold beer, and that makes them Texas material in my book.

3. Clint Eastwood

Photo: Wikimedia

One could argue Clint Eastwood is the cowboy’s cowboy given, of course, he’s not an actual cowboy. If you’re going to be a fake cowboy, Clint Eastwood is likely the kind of fake cowboy many of us want to be.

Born in 1930, Eastwood’s career spans 50 years and is one of the most relevant of any Hollywood celebrity in generations. After three years in the Army, Eastwood was discharged in 1953 and began his career as an actor in Los Angelas. In 1958 he landed his first major role on the hit TV series Rawhide.

He eventually traveled to Italy and starred in a series of hit “spaghetti westerns” (because they were filmed in Italy, get it, spaghetti) directed by Sergio Leone. While his career began as a cowboy, he eventually starred in several successful comedies and gritty action flicks. As a director, Eastwood has created several award-winning films like “Million Dollar Baby” and “Letters from Iwo Jima.”