5 Celebrities That Aren’t From Texas, but Should be

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Few people know Eastwood also dabbled in politics when he served two years as mayor of Carmel, California. My guess is if he ran again, he would likely win pretty much whatever race he wanted.

While not a real cowboy, Eastwood’s film legacy, rugged good looks, and pension for history and storytelling would cement his place in the Texas expanse if he ever chose to call this great state home.

4. Mike Rowe

Mike RowePhoto: Facebook/Mike Rowe

I truly believe there is no way to accurately summarize Rowe’s life or career. Somehow, he is the kind of guy nearly everyone could get along with, all the while being the guy no one really talks about, he might be the least “celebrity” of the celebrity world. Honestly, the real way to get a good feeling of Mike is to follow him on Facebook or follow his podcast. His dry wit, intelligent talk, and willingness to politely wade into some otherwise un-wadable social issues makes each of his posts a worthwhile read/listen.

After a bit of opera, yes opera, and a stint on QVC, Mike found a home as the host of Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs.” There, he built a reputation of getting in touch with everyday Americans, doing everyday jobs most of us didn’t know existed. His dry sense of humor and otherwise shifty banter made the show a success. According to his website, he traveled to all 50 states and tried to complete  300 different jobs while hosting the show.

Mike’s life is now filled with public speaking engagements, running his foundation mikeroweWORKS, and discussing issues primarily focussed on skilled labor. In 2014 Mike paired with CNN to bring a new show to the air “Somebody’s Gotta Do It.” Once again his show introduces viewers to people getting stuff done in a variety of different ways.