5 Celebrities That Aren’t From Texas, but Should be

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While he is technically a Californian, Mike’s attention to skilled labor, manufacturing, and hard work, coupled with his no-nonsense humor would make him a great fit in Texas.

5. Jewel

Texans--2IMAGE: Facebook/Jewel

She’s from Alaska, and that’s good enough for me. I think anyone who can survive in the Alaskan wilderness is welcome in Texas anytime. Jewel’s folksy sound and multi-genre appeal led her through a successful 20+ year career in pop, folk, country, and Americana music.

Jewel’s love for music and her talent are part of her family legacy. She and her father, Atz Kilcher (family patriarch of Discovery Channel’s “Alaska: The Last Frontier”), sang together through her youth. According to a 2013 article at, her musical talent is just one part of her Texas persona. “I was raised to work hard and not feel entitled,” Jewel said of her wilderness upbringing. Making her a perfect fit for the Texas country.

If that wasn’t enough Jewel was married to retired professional bull rider Ty Murray, and now lives in Stephenville, Texas, making her officially a Texan.

There are over 350 million people in America and nearly 27 million reside in Texas. Not everyone is “Texas Material,” but there is no doubt we would happily have or would accept these five celebrities. With famous faces like Tommy Lee Jones, Jewel, Chuck Norris, and Sandra Bullock calling the Lone Star State home, Texas is looking pretty good.

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