5 Definitive Reasons Why Texans Absolutely Love Texas

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4. Abundant History

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Texas’ rich history makes Texas, well, Texas. Texans will always “Remember the Alamo,” which is the most iconic landmark of Texas. It represents tenacity and the enduring spirit Texans are known for. There are too many famous Texas landmarks to list, such as the San Antonio missions. However, the most notable moment in Texas history when Texas declared its secession from the United States of America in 1861.

5. Texans are loud and proud.

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Texas slogan “Don’t Mess With Texas” says it all. The real meaning is an anti-littering campaign ongoing for more 30 years. Texas is bold in every way but Texans also have many enduring qualities, also. They are protective yet friendly, proud, and independent which is clear due to its rich history and ability to thrive under all circumstances.

Texas’ rich history, landmarks, landscapes, starry nights, and wide open spaces are just a few reasons that Lone Star State is in a league of its own, and there is no place on earth like it.

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