5 Famous Authors from the Texas Hill Country

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As every Texan knows, Texas boasts a rich and diverse cultural history. As part of this rich culture, many wonderful authors have claimed Texas as home. For some of these authors, Texas has put them on the map. Here are five famous authors that have made the Texas Hill Country their home.

1. O. Henry

What is he thinking about?


His birth name was William Sydney Porter, but O. Henry was adopted as Porter’s pen name.

Born in North Carolina, Porter moved to Austin on a doctor’s orders seeking warmer weather for a health condition. O. Henry is best known for his witty short stories that feature surprise endings and ingenuous wordplay. “The Gift of the Magi,” is considered his most famous work.

Annually Austin holds the O. Henry Pun-Off in honor of Porter’s wordplay and wit.

2. Ted Dekker

The Ted Dekker gaze.


Born in Indonesia, Dekker took up permanent residence in the United States to pursue higher education. He was a successful entrepreneur before he took up writing full-time.

Dekker has published 35 novels over the course of his prolific career. His work is best characterized as suspense/thriller with unpredictable plot twists. His latest work, A.D. 33 is a historical novel set in the days of Jesus.

Dekker currently resides in Austin and has called the Hill Country his home for the past several years.

3. Stephen Harrigan

In the office with Mr. Harrigan

Born in Oklahoma, Harrigan got to Texas as fast as he could. Harrigan moved to Texas with his family when he was five. When it was time for college, Harrigan moved to Austin to attend The University of Texas, and he never left.

A long-time writer for Texas Monthly, Harrigan has published 10 works of fiction and non-fiction. His perennial work and testament of Texas lore, The Gates of the Alamo was a New York Times Bestseller.

Harrigan currently resides in Austin and has been inducted into The Texas Literary Hall of Fame.

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