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5 Fast Facts About Fredericksburg’s Wine Road 290

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Wine Road 290 is an association of 17 wineries that call Fredericksburg, and the stretch of U.S. Highway 290 that passes through it, home. Since its creation, visitors have been flocking to what has become the second largest American Viticultural Area in the country. However, though its popularity has grown, there is still much to learn about the wineries that comprise the organization. Below are five shareable facts for a day spent sampling some of the finest wines Texas has to offer.

1. Wine Road 290 is Not a Wine Tour.


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Although tours are available through several different services, Wine Road 290 is actually a conglomerate of wineries offering public and private tasting experiences. The cost of these varies according to location. In addition, some venues offer tours of their vineyards and production facilities. Furthermore, guests can be wined and dined, or even stay overnight on winery grounds. The specific resources available are dependent on the establishment being visited. As a rule of thumb, parties larger than eight members should make reservations several days ahead of their visit to any members of the association

2. Texas Wine at the White House

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Becker Vineyards, located a short 20 minute drive from Fredericksburg, is the culmination of years of dreams and hard work. Among the many wines available for purchase are 16 award winning creations. Former President George W. Bush was so impressed with the winery, he served their product during his terms in the White House.

3. Bring Your Furry Friends.

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If you cannot bear to leave home without your four-legged pal, bring them along for a relaxing day of wine tasting. However, keep in mind that most locations have a leash policy. Additionally, several venues do not allow pets in their tasting rooms or eating areas, but do allow them on their facility’s grounds.

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