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5 Fast Facts About Fredericksburg’s Wine Road 290

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4. Back to the Basics of Pest Control

Guinea Fowl

Photo: Pixabay

Typically, pest control refers to chemicals created to banish insects and other organisms that would cause irreparable damage to a crop. However, Hilmy Cellars winery employs a different form of pest control. By utilizing Guineafowl, goats, and even two Great Pyrenees dogs named Simon and Bella, this venue is able to protect the precious grapes its livelihood depends on.

5. All Wineries Follow a Basic Set of Guidelines.

wine glass vineyard

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While each winery offers a distinct assortment of wines and a unique atmosphere, there are certain protocols that each establishment must adhere to. These include:

  • Refusing alcohol to anyone appearing to be inebriated
  • Not allowing outside alcohol onto their grounds
  • Requiring reservations for buses carrying more than 16 passengers
  • Creating and updating personalized rules regarding tour groups and reservations.

From the wine newbie to the devoted connoisseur, the wineries that make up Wine Road 290 have something for everyone. So schedule a tour, bring your favorite pooch, and get lost in the magic of Texas wine country.


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