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5 Fun Things To Do in Castroville

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One look around Castroville and you can immediately see that it’s like no other town in the Texas Hill Country. Tucked into a bend of the Medina River and surrounded by rolling hills, the town looks as if it has been plucked from a European countryside and placed in the heart of Texas. Fachwerk cottages and Alsatian architecture speckle the town, giving it an Old World warmth. With a unique blend of French, German, and Swiss influence, Castroville begs to be explored.

Here are five fun ways to get to know Castroville:

1. Take a historic walking tour.

Steinbach House in Castroville


With over 60 historic building throughout the town, a walking tour is a perfect way to take it all in. Visit The Steinbach House, which was not only built in the 1600’s but in Wahlbach, France. Now a Tourism and Cultural Center, you will learn about its history and the four-year relocation efforts. Also, see the Landmark Inn and tour the grounds of what was once a dry goods store, then an inn, then expanded to a gristmill. Also, don’t forget the original St. Louis Catholic Church, which was built just days after the settlement of Castroville. No worries, if walking long distances isn’t your cup of tea, there are also step-right-on-up buses and vans to shuttle you between stops. Be sure to book your tour a few weeks in advance to ensure a spot.

2. Take a selfie in front of Haby’s Alsatian Bakery mural.

Castroville Mural at Haby's Bakery

Photo: Yelp/Rubin C.

In honor of the Texas-Alsace spirit, Patrice Hoff of Mulhouse, France created a mural on the east side of the Haby’s Bakery, making it an ideal photo op. The mural depicts what makes Castroville unique such as it’s founder Henri Castro, St. Louis’ Catholic Church, and scenes from Castroville’s sister town of Eguisheim, France.

3. Enjoy a pastry at Haby’s (since you’re there).

Photo: Pixabay/Artemtation

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