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5 Spooky Hotspots and Haunts in the Texas Hill Country

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4. Remember the Alamo!


Photo: Wikimedia/Rennett Stowe

If you’re a Texan, you undoubtedly studied Texas history and the battle of the Alamo. Thousands of people from around the globe come annually to see this and pay their respects. It’s one of Texas’ most legendary sites.

What was left out of the textbook was the bloodbath which was left behind when it finally ended. It was quite a gruesome sight. Many Texans were lost and even more Mexicans perished at this bloody battle. Over the years it’s become a controversial topic, and doubtful it’ll ever be resolved.

Claims of unsettled spirits are still there. Reports from inside and outside have come to light since it became a tourist attraction. It is haunted by the ghost of those souls lost so many years ago. For years screams, the smell of gunpowder, painful groaning, and crying have been heard by thousands of visitors, groundskeepers, and employees. The historical site is surrounded by unexplained paranormal activity. Come check it out for yourself if you feel brave enough.

5. Baby Head Cemetary

Photo: Flickr/Eric Vondy

Head on over to Baby Head Cemetery (no pun intended). Even the name of it is haunting. Legend has it that Native Americans slipped into a nearby settlement in the dead of night and kidnapped a young Texas girl named Mary Elizabeth from her bed in the 1850s. An enormous search party gathered and spread out to find this young girl. Two days later it was her father who discovered a most gruesome sight. His once beautiful young daughter had been brutally slain and her head impaled on a post.