5 Tasty Texas Sheet Cake Recipes You’ll Want to Pin Now

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Texas sheet cake recipes make perfect desserts for summer cookouts and pot luck dinners. These cakes taste delicious and reduce your efforts in the kitchen. Rather than needing ice between and around separate layers of cake, you just cover the top of a Texas sheet cake with icing and leave the cake in the pan. These cakes make the perfect dessert for gatherings because they travel well and have a greater surface, so more people can eat cake. If you want to try some different Texas sheet cake recipes, check out these pinnable dishes.

1.  Samoas Texas Sheet Cake

Samoas Texas Sheet Cake

Photo: Pinterest/A Spicy Perspective

If you love Girl Scout cookies, the rest of the year without them can drag on. Sommer from A Spicy Perspective has a solution: Samoas Texas sheet cake. Coconut, caramel and chocolate chips top a moist chocolate cake base. It gives you all the flavors of your favorite cookies without waiting for Girl Scout cookie season.

2. Lemon Sheet Cake

Lemon Sheet Cake

Photo: Pinterest/

Bright, sunny lemon refreshes the palate during the hot summer months. What could be better at a barbecue cookout than a lemon sheet cake? Lil’ Luna’s lemon sheet cake serves up to 16 people and has a vibrant lemon flavor that requires only a handful of ingredients. This quick to prepare dessert will wow your friends who love lemon.

3. White Texas Almond Sheet Cake

White Texas Almond Sheet Cake

Photo: Pinterest/The Novice Chef

If you love buttery cake recipes, don’t miss The Novice Chef’s white Texas almond sheet cake. The generous butter amount in the recipe creates a tender, moist cake that will melt in your mouth. Unlike other cakes that apply icing only after the cake cools, this recipe requires you to pour the icing on the cake while it still retains heat from the oven. The warm cake partially melts the icing to create an unusual icing texture that is both delicious and addictive.

4. Coca-Cola Cake

Coca Cola Cake
Photo: Pinterest/Averie Cooks

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