5 Texas Music Artists You Need to Know (or 5 Texas Music Artists My Little Sister Wants to Marry)

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Everyone nowadays has heard of the Texas Music Scene and how it captures living in The Lone Star State. From riding along those barbed wire fences to watching the one you love drive away, Texas Music just seems to strike a chord within us all. Applying the traditional style of story-telling (and quietly leaving out the auto-tuned vocals) has left this brand of country music classic, yet, raw. While there are several Texas music artists that have reached a higher level of recognition in this genre (and by all means deserve it), here are five more acts that are decidedly earning their way to our playlists and our hearts. (Especially my little sister’s).

Zane Williams

Zane Williams during sound check at Dance Across Texas in Austin
Photo: Sonia de la Rosa

By his own admission, Zane Williams took the long way around to finally find his way home. Born in Abilene, his family moved to Kentucky when Zane was only six years old. From there, it took a couple more stops before he found himself back in his home state. Zane attended Abilene Christian University, where (he begrudgingly admits) he sang bass and beat-boxed for the university’s a capella group. After ACU, Williams took the much-traveled road to Nashville, where he would spend the next nine years writing songs and touring coffee houses.

But the hours ran long and the money ran short, so Zane packed it up and brought it on home. Back in Texas, Zane finally figured out where he belonged. He continued taking the steps to become an Overnight Success, not coincidentally the title to a tongue-in-cheek song he released in 2013. A song, he admits, is “painfully true”. Even after touring with his own band for three and a half years now, Zane claims his life is still on steps three and four (“Glue your hands to a steering wheel/eat fast food every meal”).