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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Doss, Texas

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Welge Ranch, as mentioned above, was used as a location for a re-enactment of The Battle of Iwo-Jima. If hunting isn’t quite your thing, there are also a variety of dude ranches for you to enjoy at your leisure.

4. Two Historic Churches

Despite the small population of only 225 people, Doss boasts more big history. Two of is churches have received dedicated historical markers by the Texas Historical Commission.

St. Peter Lutheran Church was built in 1905 and is still standing. It is located across the street from the historic Doss Consolidated Common School District. The Squaw Creek Primitive Baptist Church in town has also received a historical dedication.

5. Quanah Parker Adopted Two Sons of Doss

Quanah Parker

Photo: Flickr/Lindell Dillon

In the early days, Doss was still subject to many raids by the Apaches, who considered the settlement part of their land. In one raid, Willie and Herman Lehmann were kidnapped. Willie escaped and returned a few days later, while Herman remained in captivity and was initiated as part of the tribe.

Eventually, the leader of Herman’s clan was killed and he was adopted by Quanah parker. After a few more years of roaming with Parker, Herman was captured and returned to his family in Doss.

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