5 Tweets That ‘Get’ Texas Winters

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The word “winter” is used loosely in most of Texas. It comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb, and does so in a matter of days! Sometimes it bypasses us altogether, leaving nostalgic Texans (who watch too much television) wanting a wisp of the white stuff to make snow balls, dust the trees in our yards, and of course make driving that much more difficult. But if does come in the form of a storm, you can be sure that you won’t enjoy it as much as that Bing Crosby Christmas special lets on that you will! Here are 5 tweets that help us “get” Texas winters:

How do we dress?

How do we plan?

3. How does the weather decide what it’s doing?

4. How do we keep warm? Do we need to keep warm?!

5. How do we enjoy our holidays?