5 Weird Habits Texans Defend

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Here in Texas, we take things serious, folks. There’s plenty of habits others outside of our great state may think are strange but to us, they are perfectly within the normal range.

Some traditions are passed down from generation to generation. We are proud of our state and the things that truly scream you’re from Texas if you do this. Below are five habits some may consider weird but to us, they are a national past time and time-honored traditions.

1. We take family photos among the bluebonnets.



No Texas Road trip is complete without the traditional stop by the side of the road to snap that legendary picture of the family in the bluebonnet fields.

Just be sure to check the grounds before posing for that once in a lifetime photo. Never know what other critters may be trying to photobomb your picture. It’s hard to resist the beauty the bluebonnets inspire among our Texas roots.

2. We love tubing on the river.


Photo: Facebook/comalriverhappenings

Whether it’s the Comal River, the San Marcos River, the Guadalupe River, the Medina River, or any other river you fancy in the Hill Country, tubing is a national past time in Texas.

Texans take to the rivers and throw in their tubes for an all day affair of floating down the river’s path with nothing but the beauty of the surrounding landscapes and blissful sounds of nature as their backdrop.

3. We stand in line for hours for barbecue.


Photo: Facebook/KillensBbq

On any given day, in any given Texas town it’s not surprising to find a line down the block of people waiting to get some of the best barbecue in town from their favorite BBQ joints.

Winter, spring, summer or fall, anytime is a good time for some good ole’ barbecue. Folks in these parts see nothing wrong with standing for hours on end just to get their favorite brisket, sausage, or ribs.

4. We fry everything.

Photo: Facebook/EpicFoodPorn

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