5 Weird Habits Texans Defend

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Here in Texas, we love our food so much we just have to make it even sweeter by frying everything. With carnivals, rodeos, and festivals serving up the latest in fried options, it’s no wonder this may be considered a strange habit by some.

You name it we fry it! Oreos, Twinkies, pickles, ice cream, cheese sticks, and the list is full of endless possibilities.

5. There is no other football like high school football.



There’s nothing like the Friday night lights of a fall evening jam-packed with high school football…Texans’ favorite past time in any part of the state.

High school football could very well take center stage over any college or professional football game as the rivalries and excitement build up around the evenings match up. The drill teams, bands, and flag corp all come together to present the complete package of support as we cheer on a sport where fathers and sons and grandsons have all graced the fields carrying on a time-honored tradition we Texans hold true to heart.

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