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UPDATE: 5-Year-Old Girl Gets Close to 40 Doses of Anti-Venom

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On Tuesday, January 23, we reported that 5-year-old Emily Rose Oehler had been bitten by a western diamondback rattlesnake at Longhorn Cavern State Park over the weekend and was in the process of recovering at Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin. That report indicated she was had received 30 doses of anti-venom at the time, and now, sources indicate that number is closer to 40.

“I just saw her flying around the corner and she was screaming, ‘Snake!’” her mother, Alicia Oehler, told local news outlets. “She ran so fast that her jacket flew off.” After being picked up by EMS and then escorted by rescue helicopter to Dell Children’s Medical Center, Emily Rose was given the doses in efforts to stop the spread of the venom from the bite. Not usually prone to biting at this time of year, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department identified the snake as a western diamondback rattler after a short investigation leading to photos of the culprit.

UPDATE: 5-Year-Old Girl Bit by Rattlesnake Gets Close to 40 Doses of Anti-Venom

Photo: Facebook/Alicia Oehler

In an update posted by NBC’s TODAY, Emily Rose began showing signs of recovery from the ordeal after close to 40 doses of anti-venom were administered, and she’s now in the process of making plans for her release, including being able to replace the clothing that was cut from her for proper treatment of her leg. Her mother noted with relief, “Today, she’s got her personality back.” In the meantime, the mounting medical bills are looming over the uninsured family.

The anti-venom doses, the hospital stay, the medical transportation and the eventual physical therapy that Emily Rose will require are only exacerbated by the fact that to be by her side, her father, Wes, took an unpaid leave from work. “We’re supposed to be moving in July, and we’ve worked so hard to get our credit good and stay on top of bills,” explained Emily Rose’s mother. “And then a huge unexpected event that happened. … But we much rather have a healthy baby girl than anything else.” The GoFundMe page that was previously reported to be established for the family’s benefit remains in effect. For those that wish to help them pay for the hospital and anti-venom expenses and ensure their ability to remain with their daughter throughout this process, donations will be accepted for the family from Granite Shoals, Texas, until the close of the funding page.

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