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6 Reasons Boerne is a Beer Lover’s Dream

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It’s no secret that Hill Country Texans love some craft brew. Something about the cool, amber liquid sliding down your throat on a sweltering summer day not only leaves you with a refreshing sudsy mustache but a smile on your face as well. Don’t think you have to go to some big city to get good beer. The town of Boerne is crafting up some brag-worthy brew all its own.

1. Dodging Duck Brewhaus & Restaurant


Photo: Courtesy of Boerne Visitor Center

Like water draws waddling web-footed fowl, the Dodging Duck Brewhaus and Restaurant will draw beer lovers through its doors. Tucked away on the banks of Cibolo Creek, the Dodging Duck promises to quench your thirst with its award-winning brews.

Made on-site utilizing a ten-barrel Bohemian brewery system, the beer is crafted for freshness. Unfiltered and unpasteurized, Dodging Duck brews flow through chilled lines straight to the glass with very little exposure to air or light. Visit often so as not to miss any of the brewery’s 20 styles of beer that rotate periodically.

A huge mouth-watering menu offers classic beer-friendly food like fresh-baked jumbo pretzels with cheese and mustard to Hill Country sausages, burgers, and good ole fish ‘n chips which will keep hunger at bay. Vegetarian choices and duckling menu for the kids are available too. Dodging Duck Brewhaus and Restaurant, 402 River Road, Boerne

2. Kinematic Brewing Company

Photo: Courtesy of Boerne Visitor Center

For serious beer drinkers in search of true artisan beers, look no further than Kinematic Brewing Company. Head brewer Jon Beaumont uses a barrel aging process to perfect his unique brews. Bourbon barrels, single malt barrels, and even wine barrels are used to age Beaumont’s creative recipes.

The self-described nano-sized brewery specializes in pushing the envelope when it comes to beer making. The phrase “It can’t be done,” ignites a fire at the itty-bitty brewery that won’t be squelched until the undoable is pronounced done. Passion, conviviality, and respect for the community and the land are the ingredients that motivate the brewery and have allowed them to achieve success in the world of artsy suds.

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