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7 Fishing Spots in The Hill Country

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Texas Hill Country Fishing

From state parks to river crossings, the Hill Country offers some of the best fishing with breathtaking views. This area of Texas rises at the Balcones Escarpment and spreads west across the Edwards Plateau. It has an abundance of rivers, streams and creeks, as well as natural and man-made lakes. Fishing conditions are close to perfect all year, so anglers have plenty of opportunities to catch the limit from these beautiful lakes and waterways. Here are just a few of our favorites.

7. Cypress Creek in Wimberley, TX

Texas Hill Country Fishing

Photo by City of Wimberley 

This spring-fed creek starts at Jacob’s Well and empties into the Blanco River in Wimberley. Most of the creek is private, with small public sections in town. You can access a public section through the town square park. The Lodge at Cypress Falls is considered the best place to fish the creek, but this section is private and charges a fee to fish. It is home to numerous species of fish, but careless anglers can easily spook the fish in the creek’s crystal clear water.

6. Sabinal River, from Lost Maples State Natural Area to the town of Sabinal

Texas Hill Country Fishing

Photo by Alex Wilson

The Sabinal River is a small stream, which can be accessed through Vanderpool and Utopia, but the area from Lost Maples State Natural Area to the small town of Sabinal offers the best fishing. It has large populations of largemouth bass, Guadalupe bass, and sunfish.

5. San Saba River, accessible spots in Menard County

Texas Hill Country Fishing

Photo by Flickr / Patrick Lewis

The San Saba River, near Menard, Texas, is about as close to a wilderness fishing adventure as one can get in the Lone Star State. A four to five mile float on the San Saba can take eight to ten hours. This terrain is a transition zone from the Hill Country to the south and the Panhandle to the north. The San Saba is a slow moving river with deep pools and undercut banks. Pecan and oak trees line the shoreline with thick vegetation. Most of the accessible sections of the river are in Menard County.

4. Blanco River, flowing through Blanco State Park

Texas Hill Country Fishing

The Blanco River is 87 miles long and flows from the springs in Kendall county through the Hill Country and empties into the San Marcos River. The river has 21 named feeder creeks flowing into it, but the best fishing can be found in Blanco State Park. It is home to Guadalupe bass, smallmouth bass, Hill Country hybrid bass, sunfish and catfish. Anglers can also find stocked freshwater trout during winter months.

3. Guadalupe River, below Canyon Lake Dam

Texas Hill Country Fishing
Photo by Flickr / Bradley Arnett

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