7 Reasons Why Texas Captures Our Hearts Every Time

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Texas is a magical place, capturing the hearts of natives and newcomers alike. Big in size and big in personality, it has a style that is one of a kind. Read on for a list of seven of the countless reasons Texas continues to capture our hearts.

1. The History



From the battle of the Alamo to Apollo 13, Texas has a history all its own. Once an independent nation, today’s Texas is a melting pot of culture and tradition. With a sometimes wild and woolly past, Texas abounds with historical buildings and landmarks that serve as a reminder of its long and proud heritage.

2. The Southern Hospitality



If you’re not from around these parts, it might take you by surprise when your door is held open, or when someone calls you “honey”. Don’t worry, that’s just southern hospitality at its best! Sir and Ma’am are common pronouns here in Texas, as are friendly smiles and firm handshakes.

3. The Food



Whether it’s smoky brisket, street tacos, homemade pecan pie, or a tall glass of sweet tea, Texans know food! Food trucks, barbecue joints, and taquerias abound across this vast state, not to mention a Whataburger just down the street, ready to satisfy your craving 24 hours a day.

4. The Music

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Countless famous musicians across all genres call Texas home. Kenny Rogers, Beyonce, Meat Loaf, the late Selena, and the legendary George Strait all hail from Texas. With a wide influence of music including Tejano, Blues, Country, and Metal, Texas is home to a number of both established and aspiring artists eager to get your toes tapping. Whether in a quaint dance hall or massive concert venue, Texas always has the beat!

5. The Sports


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