7 Reasons Why Texas Is The Best Place to be a Photographer

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The United States is, without argument, a magnificent plethora of weather, nature, and people. From the beaches of California to the crowds in NYC, a photographer usually has some blacktop to burn to get a great shot. There is, however, one state that offers it all within its borders: Texas. As an amateur photographer and a native Texan, I have never lacked for new and exciting subjects to photograph.  Here are seven examples of why Texas is simply the best place to be a photographer.

1. The Hill Country

The sun reflected on a stream in the Texas Hill Country

Photo: Sonia de la Rosa

The Texas Hill Country is simply amazing. From wide open spaces to rolling hills and bubbling streams, there is so much to enjoy in the Hill Country. Take a day to photograph at one of the many rivers or historical sights.  Or just take a drive and see what else the countryside has to offer. Many budding paparazzis spend a few days exploring the Hill Country looking for that perfect shot.

2. Zoos/Wildlife Refuges 

Thailand gibbon sits in field of green

Photo: Sonia de la Rosa

Texas ranks third overall in most zoos/wildlife refuges in the continental United States. With a wide range of mammals, amphibians, insects and birds, a photog will certainly find plenty of subjects to capture. Patience is a must though. Animals aren’t as easy to get to pose as your fellow man.

3. Mexico

Hand blown glassware shining in a window

Photo: Sonia de la Rosa

With over 1,254 miles of shared border with Mexico, there is always opportunity to take a trip across for delicious food, cold beer, and of course, shopping! Not only can you find silver jewelry and wooden furniture, but you’ll be amazed at the craftsmanship of the hand blown glassware.  The colors and textures make for breathtaking pictures, no matter your expert level.

4. The Coast

A photograph of the sparkling blue Corpus Christi bay
Photo: Sonia de la Rosa

Texas’ Gulf Coast is a sparkling array of photo opportunities. From it’s cool clear beaches at South Padre Island to the historical bay in Galveston, there are over 360 miles of coastline for photographers to get their click on. Don’t forget the sunscreen and your camera’s lens hood, though.  The sun is a serious adversary so be prepared.

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