7 Tips for Your Best Spring Garden Ever

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Whether you have a green thumb or are “green” to the whole planting process, anyone can grow a beautiful spring garden. Here are some tips to set you up for success.

1. Make sure you’re planting the right seeds for where you live.

seeds spring garden


You may love the idea of planting a peach tree or growing your own bouquet of lilies, but not every climate is right for harvesting every type of plant. To combat this, the USDA has divided the country into “plant hardiness zones.” Enter your zip code to find which zone you live in, and make sure any plants in your garden are approved for that zone. 

2. Plant at the right time.

Gardener with Wooden Seedling Tray


When you start planting may be just as important as what you’re planting. If you’re sowing vegetables, check out this site that has a guide to the best seeds to plant each month. offers the same information for those who are focusing on more floral gardens.

3. Put used coffee grounds to work in your soil.

coffee grounds


Instead of throwing away your used coffee grounds from your morning cup of joe, mix them in the soil of acid-loving plants. According to the team at HGTV, Flowers like azaleas, gardenias and rhododendrons do very well in a more acidic environment, and even blueberries can benefit from an acidic pH. Just sprinkle about a quarter of an inch of the grounds on your plants once a month.

4. Use a bar of soap to keep your nails clean.

scraping nails on bar of soap


After a long day working in your garden, it can often be hard to clean off all that dirt, especially under your fingernails! Try this genius hack from HGTV: Scrape your nails across a bar of soap before you start gardening, and you’ll create a seal under your nails to prevent dirt from collecting there. When you’re finished, just wash your hands or scrub them with a nailbrush, and your nails will be good as new.

5. Diapers aren’t just for babies!

Diapers used in Gardening
Photo:, via The King of Random

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