These Bacon Steak Rolls Will Blow Your Mind

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Just when you thought you’d seen all the bacon-wrapped recipes, we throw one more down on you. But trust me, this delicious and super easy recipe from BBQ Pit Boys is one you’ll want to make. The recipe uses cube steak, bacon, some BBQ sauce and just a few seasonings.

You start by tenderizing the cube steak, getting the tissues nice and soft. Then sprinkle in some salt, chives, onions, chopped garlic and your favorite seasoning and roll it all up like a hot dog. Wrap the exterior with a slice or two of bacon. Yeah, I can hear your stomach grumbling already!

When you have a bunch of rolls made — and these guys recommend making a bunch, because you’re probably gonna grub on them the next day — put them over indirect heat on a hot charcoal grill. With the lid on, cook them for about an hour and a half. Take off the lid, slather on your favorite BBQ sauce, and put the cover back on for another 15-20 minutes. When they’re done, put ’em in a hot dog bun, sprinkle on some cheese and chow down. BOOM!