A Priceless Gem for Genealogists

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A visit to this gem of a Center and Library in Kerrville can get you started.  The complete collection of the Kerrville Genealogical Society, founded in 1970, comprises over 3,000 books and genealogical periodicals from most States, with special emphasis on Kerrville, Kerr County, and Texas.  There are four computers from which you can access, for free, the vast information available on the internet, including, Fold3, (the military site), American Ancestors, (The New England Historic Genealogical Society), Find-a –Grave ( millilions of graves with information),  Family Search, (the LDS website that is a wealth of information) and more valuable sites suggested by the experienced researchers.  If you feel insecure with computers, or just want to get started, or maybe you have hit the preverbal ‘brick wall’, the friendly experienced volunteers are there to help.  They are some of the most special “gems”.  Their experiences include not only family geology and history, but knowledge about the process and available resources for (DAR) Daughter American Revolution, (SAR) Sons of the American Revolution,, (DRT) Daughter of Republic of Texas and others organizations you may be interested in joining. Many volunteers have obtained membership in these organizations and you can gain  from their expertise.

Imagine yourself sitting next to and chatting with one of the warm and friendly experts with their wealth of life experiences.  You will be enthralled.

A Priceless Gem for Genealogists

Photo: Informative posters provide visual references.

As you enter the bright and inviting Center, the Main Room is filled with book shelves chocked full of Kerrville/Kerr County, Texas, and State resources, and more.  There is a large table to accommodate larger volumes, plans and maps for researchers to peruse.

A Priceless Gem for Genealogists

Photo: Pictured above is an influential Kerrville couple from early 1900s.

Four rooms surround the main room, each with a computer and desk. As a researcher, you can command the desk to spread out and pore over internet sites and printed tomes.  The Society has access to the best internet sites for genealogical exploration.  These rooms also house different collections – the military room, family stories room, periodicals, and special collections.

Over the years, Gloria Dozier, a volunteer, spent untold hours, thousands and thousands of hours in the dusty places where old records are kept and places only she may know. It was a labor of love, for a total of at least 52 historical books, recorded, bound and placed on shelves to be used by the public in the Kerrville Genealogical Society Research Center and Library collections.

A Priceless Gem for Genealogists
Photo: Gloria Dozier shows off her books