A Priceless Gem for Genealogists

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Did you know that the U.S. Army once experimented with using camels in the South West?  The camels were brought to Camp Verde, a location in Kerr County near Kerrville.  The Kerrville Genealogical Society (KGS) Library has one of the only two copies of over 900 pages of official documents from the national Archives that tell this fascinating story.  Only in the KGS Research Center can these files be found, organized and bound into six volumes.  What a find for Texas history buffs!   While in the area, you can visit the Old Camp Verde General Store to shop and eat lunch, but that is another story.

A Priceless Gem for Genealogists

Photo: U.S. Army Camel Experiment

I cannot write enough nice words about this fantastic Kerrville resource in their new location.  I have barely scratched the surface of what KGS has to offer.  Best of all, it is FREE to use the resources.  Everyone is welcome. Visit the Society website at . Check out the KGS blog: . Email, [email protected] . Like the Kerrville Genealogical Society on Facebook. Visit the Center. You will be glad you did!  Call 830-315-1836 for more information.



Interviews with various members of KGS

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Visiting the Research Center and Library

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