Aaron Watson is Daringly Independent—Is It Any Wonder He’s a Texan?

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A native of West Texas, Aaron Watson has consistently climbed the country music charts over the course of his 20-year career. As a hit-maker, he’s a mainstay, and he’s an independent act… which makes his stalwart presence that much more unique.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Watson said, “A lot of people tell me if I’m going to capitalize off this mainstream success, I need to get away from this regional sound they call ‘Texas music.’ You’re telling me, after this album that’s done something that’s never been done before, that I need to change what I just did? I go, ‘Man, I’m thinking I need to do more of that kind of thing.’” And now he definitely has! His latest LP, entitled “Red Bandana,” together with his touring schedule, has shown that Watson knows how to go full-bore. Not only that, but he wrote the 20-song album on his own! “I needed to write this whole album by myself. It’s the first album I’ve ever released after having mainstream radio success…I might be a complete idiot. Who has Top 40 success after 18 years of doing it and puts out an album where the first song doesn’t have a chorus and the second song is an instrumental?” he asked Rolling Stone.

Video: Youtube/Aaron Watson

The video above shares a piece of the experience of releasing “Red Bandana.” He had a lot to say on this release, from his strong independence to his personal touches which include instrumental interludes and even recordings of trains going past his ranch and his grandma’s wind chime. Watson maintained his realness and maturity as a performer and songwriter. He reflects on his heroes and mentors in this album, especially his father and grandfather, powerful figures he refers to as “mountains of men.” Watson isn’t afraid to note that sometimes he feels as though he’s fallen short of their example for the man he’s supposed to be. 20 years into full-time performing, it’s refreshing to hear that honest and open perspective from an artist. Watson continues to prove there’s a newness with every song, album, and concert. He’s becoming the person he wants to be with each one of them, and his fans are appreciative of this. For more details on his music and his 2019 Red Bandana Tour, visit the official Aaron Watson website at the link available here.