Why Are These Aggie Boots So Coveted?

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To those who didn’t attend Texas A&M these special boots may be a bit of a mystery, but for Aggies, the sound of the boots walking across pavement is unmistakable. Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets senior Roel Ramon explained it well to KHOU, “It’s just something you want to obtain in your four years here and you look up to and admire. So the value of (the senior boots) is kind of inexplicable to someone who doesn’t go through the corps.”

Only seniors corps members have earned the right to obtain, wear, and even touch the boots with the signature spurs. The boot maker, Holick’s, needs students to place their orders and get a custom fitting as freshman, and things can get a bit tricky. Holick’s owner Leo Bellvosky told the news, “Back in the day if guys got caught in our shop, they would have to do pushups right there on the floor in our lobby.”

Holick’s imports their leather from France, but makes each pair of footwear by hand. They average about four a day. Despite getting hundreds of orders, they don’t want to rush the process or make a pair that’s less than perfect.