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Aggressive Coyote Attacking Joggers & Children in North Texas

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Over the past six weeks, Frisco has been subject to attacks from an aggressive coyote. The police department suspects that a single coyote is the culprit, and as of November 29, it has not been caught.

The attacks have been occurring since late October. Fortunately, no one has been fatally injured in these instances, but the Frisco Police Department is concerned; coyotes in the area are typically docile animals and are not prone to approach humans. There have, however, been studies suggesting that coyotes are unusually good at adapting, taking advantage of changes in their environment and evolving quickly to ensure their survival. Perhaps the Frisco Coyote is exhibiting some of these traits as it targets humans.

Aggressive Coyote Attacking Joggers & Children in North Texas

Photo: Facebook/Michael S. Miller

The attacks started on October 26, when a coyote attempted to attack a jogger on a morning run. The coyote was fortunately scared away by passersby. A few days later, on November 1, a nine-year-old was attacked and suffered a minor injury and had to visit the hospital for treatment. The next incident did not occur until November 11, when a police officer noticed a coyote stalking a jogger out on their morning run. He was able to scare the coyote away using his siren and flashing lights. The final and most serious incident occurred on November 28. The infamous critter attacked another jogger and targeted his neck; the jogger had to undergo surgery after the attack, as his injuries were more serious than any of the previous victims.

Video: YouTube/Fox 4 News Dallas-Fort Worth

Each incident has occurred in the same two-mile radius between 6:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. in the morning, another reason that the police department suspects this is all the doing of one coyote. So far, they have been unable to determine whether this is a rabid animal or why it’s been so bold with its attacks, and they have had no success catching it. Setting traps is impractical since they’re looking for one animal. The Frisco Police Department has involved animal control and an urban biologist to assist with their search. In the meantime, they’ve asked citizens of Frisco to avoid going out near Eldorado Parkway, and to keep their small pets and children inside. Hopefully the culprit will be caught before he starts hunting Christmas dinner!