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Houston Astro Alex Bregman Giving Folks Plenty to be Thankful For

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The surprises don’t stop there. Recently, Bregman was also spotted crashing a fan’s wedding. Hayley and Steven Lopez were enjoying their reception when the bride jokingly left a message on Instagram for the Houston Astro wishing he was there. Low and behold, who shows up? None other than the man himself. Bregman shared on his YouTube channel how he would be getting dressed and heading out to the wedding to surprise the newlyweds. “That was a blast!” said Bregman at the end of the video. “I’d never crashed a wedding before.”

Who says there is no Santa? He is alive and well and lives in the hearts and spirits of hometown heroes such as Bregman, showering hope and goodwill to as many in his community as he can give back to. This Hill Country reporter would love for Bregman to give her a shoutout that he saw this article if you would like to share, tweet, or Instagram out to him, haha. Fox 26 went on to share “that Bregman also hinted that there are more surprises to come. To follow his journey, you can check out his YouTube channel.”

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