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Parents Watch Out for These Apps Where Kids Can Livestream Their Day for Money

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As if social media isn’t invasive enough into the lives of the younger generation, new apps are popping up that encourage users to livestream to large audiences. On iTunes, the new Live.me is advertising that users can “make new friends in your area and around the world,” chat with celebs, and receive “gifts” by broadcasting (or just watching) via livestream. It’s inviting for young people to join to become social media celebrities of their own making. “Find your true self and show off your talents!” the app description reads.

“That person could be in their living room, could be in their bedroom, could be cooking in the kitchen, could be doing anything, and you can follow them and you can watch them. The additional scary part to that app is you can now also pay that person,” cybersecurity expert Scott Bailey told Click2Houston.com.

Parents should be aware of the capabilities of such apps and talk to their kids about the dangers of livestreaming their activities and location. Experts say that apps and internet trends will often move faster than parents can keep up, but encouraging a good understanding of how to stay safe online will help young people from making the mistake of losing their privacy.