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Arlington PD Search for Veteran’s Stolen Service Dog

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Authorities in Arlington are searching for a Texas veteran’s service dog after she was taken from his residence. Police began an official investigation into and search for the 2-year-old mastiff named Rosalyn, after she was stolen from Emmanuel Bernadin’s home on October 19, 2019. Rosalyn (Roz for short) is the veteran’s service animal and his medical alert dog.

Local news reports indicate that Bernadin was visiting with a friend when Roz was stolen. A neighbor contacted him when they noticed that his sliding door was open and that the inside screen was down. When he returned home, he saw that Rosalyn was missing, as were some electronics and jewelry.

Now a reward of $5,000 is being offered for the dog’s safe return. Buddy Cramer is a Managing Partner of the Katy Trail Ice House, and he chose to offer the reward after hearing of the veteran’s heart-breaking loss.

Arlington PD Search for Veteran’s Stolen Service Dog

Photo: Twitter/@ArlingtonPD

Bernadin is a U.S. Navy veteran who enlisted in 2007. He served two tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. Fox 4 reported that following his second tour, he was medically retired. Rosalyn came to be a part of his life in 2017, when he lost his first service dog to cancer. “She’s the sweetest thing. The days are just really hard without her,” Bernadin told wsvn.com. “I deal with a lot of night terrors. It’s very hard to turn off the conditions of war, and Roz is there to wake me up at times when I shouldn’t be alone by myself asleep,” he told Fox 4.

Arlington Police are looking for details and asking anyone with information regarding the theft of Rosalyn to come forward. Anonymous tips can be left with Tarrant County Crime Stoppers by calling (817) 469-8477 or call the Arlington Police Department at (817) 459-6482.