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The Baron’s Men & The Curtain: Austin’s ‘Globe Theatre’

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There is a place in the hills of Austin where plays from centuries ago are held by a local theater troupe known as The Baron’s Men. It is a theater group, which has been showing Austinites how plays used to be performed in the style of The Globe from Shakespeare’s London.

You can step back in time in this outdoor theater replicated by Richard Garriott who offered up not only his land but his time and money to build The Curtain. The Baron’s Men have been performing and maintaining this unique theater since 2007. Next year marks their 10 year anniversary.

The Curtain

The Curtain


This is not your typical play. There are no fancy lights or electric instruments, no microphones, and no comfy plush seats.

What is so awesome about The Curtain is the rustic feel of stepping back in time to watch plays that were most certainly performed in London the same way. It is a small wooden theater lit by gas lamps (and well ok…a few small — well placed white lights) with wooden benches on two floors that surround the stage on three sides. You can even take the experience one step further by sitting on the ground level.

Baron’s Men Plays

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The Baron’s Men put on three plays a year, which start running in April until October. It does get a little chilly in the evenings, so preparing for the weather may serve you well. You can also bring a snack and drink if you like,for yourself or to share with friends.

The Baron’s Men have entertained us with plays penned by Shakespeare to Marlowe to Euripides. They make the old English words that we’ve read only in high school books leap off the page into 3D life. It shows us minor linguists lovers how the language has evolved, yet the meanings and life are still the same.

2017 Season Line Up

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If you haven’t found this little gem hidden in the hills just outside of downtown Austin, we recommend that you follow them on their website or Facebook and see what they offer up in their celebratory 10th year starting in April 2017. Check out their 2017 line up at The Baron’s Men website.