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Austin Detours Offers Tours Off The Beaten Path

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Climb on a bus, jostle for a window seat, and listen to textbook facts about the landmarks that just zoomed past the window. This type of sightseeing may be well and good for some, but for those who prefer to use all five senses to experience the city around them, there’s a detour. Austin Detours. With over 20 different tailor-made tours designed to immerse you in Austin’s culture, Austin Detours ensures you will experience Austin like a local. Whether you’re a solo traveler, planning a birthday weekend, or organizing a team building project, take a Detour.

Austin Postcard Mural

Photo: Jessica Pickett

For a five senses experience, the Real Austin Tour lets you see, taste, smell, hear, and touch what makes Austin great. Your local guide (who is most likely an award winning musician, passionate foodie, accomplished artist, actor, history buff, or a combination of any and all the above) will arrive in style in one of their Mercedes-Benz vans and burst at the seams with trivia and knowledge. The Detour begins by hopping  from must-see landmarks to off-the-beaten-path treasures through different neighborhoods that comprise Austin, while learning exactly the thing that makes each one unique.

Texas State Capitol

Photo: Jessica Pickett

It all starts with a walking tour of the illustrious Texas State Capitol building. Run your fingers along the engraved door knobs and hinges while learning about the pink granite that adorns the nation’s largest state capitol building. Your guide will also let you in on all the great photo ops along the way. Explore the 600,000-square-foot underground extension and view the dome through the skylights set at ground level. Stand in the middle of the open-air rotunda and hear your naturally amplified voice as you hone your public speaking skills.

Open Air Rotunda of Texas State Capitol
Photo: Jessica Pickett

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