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Austin’s 5 Best Mac & Cheese Dishes You’re Not Prepared For

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The service and food at Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill are done right and done repeatedly because they work. Subsequently, their macaroni and cheese dish is made using pimento cheese (can you hear me now Texans?!) and is baked with added bacon gratin. It’s listed as a side dish, but let’s be honest. This could easily be the star of your dinner show, leaving the understudy crying in the wings.

5. Hillside Farmacy

Austin’s 5 Best Mac & Cheese Dishes You’re Not Prepared For

Photo: Facebook/Hillside Farmacy

A quaint eatery together with a specialty grocery store, Hillside Farmacy serves lunch to a great crowd, the likes of which previously included some very famous Texans. But, don’t let that sway you in any way with respect to macaroni and cheese dishes. As far as they come, their dish can hold its own, whether they were a famous-people-pick or not! Made with taleggio and aged white cheddar and covered with a crisp topping of bread crumbs, they also give you the option of adding a poached egg (yum!), some pancetta, or even broccoli. Be still our hearts…and hold tight appetite, because here we come!

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