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Female-Friendly Touch is Changing the Auto Care Landscape in Texas

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Typically a male-dominated field, Honest-1 Auto prides itself in encouraging women to apply. “Women can do the same job as their male counterparts, they have the same skills, and training,” shared Smita. “We definitely promote that here to give them the opportunity to highlight those skills.” Smita goes on to share that customers have been really supported, and there haven’t been any challenges or negative reactions. “They think its really neat to see a female tech working on their car.”

“Every customer is treated with respect,” shared Smita. “Having your car worked on is not one of the most enjoyable things to do so we are trying to make it more enjoyable for the customer.” Staying strong, believing in yourself, and working as a team is advice Smita would give to anyone considering a career in not just this field but any dreams of owning a business you may have.

The Female Auto Technician

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Photo: Courtesy of Honest-1 Auto Care

In their quest to empower, support, and provide the atmosphere for women technicians to flourish you will find Tiffany Delbosque as she highlights her talents for not only working on cars but provides the customer the information they need to understand the repair process and walk away feeling empowered themselves knowing their car is in good hands.

Changing the stereotype of who an auto-technician can be ranked high on this auto shop’s agenda. Delbosque shares the challenges the job presents is what encouraged her to go into the automotive field. Learning her skills early on in high school, Delbosque set the path in motion for her career ahead. “At first it did scare me, but as I finally learned how to do little things at a time it became more intriguing,” shares Delbosque. “There was never a day that was the same, everything comes all at once, and you have to be prepared for it.”