Award-Winning Texas Chili Recipe Shared With Millions on YouTube

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Tony Maples Photography


Shared on the GQue BBQ YouTube channel, the championship chili recipe from the 2017 Terlingua Chili Cook-Off has been viewed close to 2 million times! What does that mean? There are a lot of folks who want to get their hands on some award-winning Texas chili!

The caption for the video identifies the chili recipe as being from Brent Allen, winner of this famous annual Texas food festival from three years ago. They share that they make the chili recipe in the video, but don’t follow Allen’s “to a T,” so they also share the link to his winning recipe here.

Video: YouTube/GQue BBQ

At the tail-end of October each year, Terlingua hosts two chili cook-offs, to be exact. Writer Jo Ann Holt featured these event details for 2019 in an article outlining when and where, as well as how many people fill this Texas ghost town to overflowing. In 1977, chili was named the official state food of Texas, but it didn’t take an act of government for those in the Lone Star State to recognize their love of this dish and their valuable contributions to its creation over the years. It has spawned entire businesses, been featured in food tourism and travel shows, and spurred many a debate over how best to make it. Chili is to Texans as apple pie is to America in general. For those out-of-state to get their hands on a recipe which will allow them even the slightest chance to experience our love of it is nothing short of a gift.

The GQue BBQ YouTube channel was developed by a competition barbecue team from Superior, Colorado. In 2014, they won the third-largest contest in America and have earned flawless scores for their brisket, chicken, and pork offerings. They’re also ranked in the top percentile nationally in all barbecue categories… They know a thing or two about good ‘que. The videos they share on the channel feature both the “easiest and best way to use your grill and smoker to make not just competition quality food but competition quality food that consistently wins.” Sounds like a recipe for success, no matter what you’re cooking up.