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Baby Formula Recalled in Several Countries Due to Reports of Salmonella

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CNN Money reports that a large amount of baby formula has been recalled worldwide in countries including “China, Greece, Pakistan and Peru” after 26 babies became ill with salmonella poisoning in France. The company Lactalis has pulled brands like Milumel, Celia, and Picot and a mind-boggling 7,000 tons of formula from the market due to the outbreak.

Since salmonella can lead to serious health issues in infants and those with weak immune systems, the company is trying to reach out to the public. CNN Money quotes a Lactalis spokesperson as saying the company is “…sincerely sorry for the anxiety caused by the situation and expresses its compassion and support for the families whose children have fallen ill.”

For the most part, consumers in the United States will not be impacted by the recall, but Fortune writes that American businesses are likely to see an increase in sales due to the recall. They state that a recent “…melamine contamination that killed six children in China led to improved business for American baby food exporters as consumers lost faith in domestic producers.”

Lactalis’s American subsidiary is recognizable through its cheese brands “Président, Sorrento, Precious, Rondelé, and Galbani,” but Fortune maintains that these brands are not a part of the recall and shouldn’t cause concern.