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First Baby Gorilla Born at the Dallas Zoo in 20 Years Makes Its Heartwarming Debut

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Making its public debut on Thursday, July 5, a baby was born to a 22-year-old critically endangered Western Lowland Gorilla last week at the Dallas Zoo. This marks only the fifth of such baby gorillas the facility has cared for in as many decades. It’s also the first to be born at the zoo in the past 20 years. The mother, named Hope, delivered the baby last Monday, and since then, the family has spent time bonding privately at the zoo.

Zookeepers stated that the baby’s father is a Western Lowland Silverback named Subira. He was the first of the gorilla family to meet the newborn following delivery. His reaction was as you would hope for and expect. He gently put his lips on the baby’s head. At this time, the sex of the baby has yet to be released. Dallas Zookeepers are giving the mother and her newborn the space and time they need to bond.

Gregg Hudson, Dallas Zoo’s President and CEO,  told nbcdfw.com, “Welcoming a critically endangered gorilla into our family is one of the most significant animal announcements we can make, and we’ve waited patiently for 20 years for this moment. We’ve dedicated years of conservation field work to saving gorillas in the wild and now we’re proudly increasing their numbers in human care. We’re truly beaming with pride.”

Hope, a truly apt name, made her arrival the Dallas Zoo in Texas back in February 2017. Her placement was part of a species survival plan through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, with the hopeful goal of increasing the species’ population.